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Discover Ancient Gifts from Your Soul with a Transformational Intuitive Art Reading with Susan Tower.

a 90 minute live session

(Zoom or phone)

You'll receive a personal message from several of your Animal Spirit Guides and a beautiful, 9"x12", intuitive art drawing of your empowering symbols from Nature.

Discover Your Core Strength as Reflected through Nature

Each intuitive art reading is unique to the person it was made for. Yours will be just as unique.


Below, are samples of Spirit Animal Soul Readings with brief summaries of their symbolic meanings.

Dolphin Jewel


Dolphin spirit guide brings a gift from the deep, Whale spirit sings a healing song with the angels

To help you access your jewels from deep within your subconscious, your dolphin spirit guide is bringing them to you one by one. Your path of empowerment is shown with joyful play and deep breathing. As you master your emotions and integrate them to wisdom, you become skilled at helping others do the same.

The whale totem supports your emergence, with songs of your ancestors, awakening your soul to the central sun of Atlantis and the high vibrations and masterful flight of the hummingbird.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Peaceful Independence


Great Blue Heron spirit animal shows your independence, Woodpecker guide and Spider guide

Your great blue heron spirit guide comes to you to celebrate your independence. You have been dedicated to raising your vibration and loving yourself into wholeness as a sovereign being. You've achieved a harmonious pattern for your life as indicated by the flower of life symbol.

Your woodpecker totem is feeding her family, and for you, it represents a safe home from which your fledglings are mastering their life lessons and flying free. The spider's guidance urges you to write and create. Your words have far reach and are calling to be written.

And, last but not least: your purple raindrops. These are blessings you bring to yourself daily, as a beautiful habit you have developed to remember gratitude and magic and wonder.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Lineage Healing


Elephant spirit guide teaches deep listening, Whale spirit guide sings a song of ancestral healing


This elephant comes to you as a profoundly sentient being that is especially attuned to sound and feeling the earth through her feet. Elephants have an oral tradition of stories passed on through generations, as do Whales and the two are connected here as a reminder to you of the stories you have to tell from around the world. The starships you saw with the whales are calling you to re-member. Your lineage vibrates with re-coding to hear your allies sing.

Your Butterfly-tribe totem is topped with the full spectrum of a rainbow and surrounded by intuitive purple and celestial stars. These symbols support your contribution of song and story to having a far reaching impact.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Joyful Partnership


Paired Dolphin spirit guides, gentle and loving Deer spirit guide, Evergreen forest gives refuge

A pair of dolphins lead the way to joyful partnership and soul-family support on the physical plane. Their purple color indicates your enhanced psychic ability and the stars connect you both to your true starry home.

The waves and spirals support emotional depth and healing across time, reminding you of the flux and flow of all processes. The young deer at your base indicates a solid and evergreen (ever present) alignment with unconditional love and service to others.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Pure Light of Sovereignty


White Heron spirit animal represents sovereignty, Everlasting flame of the Goddess, Angelic help

Herons are independent beings who teach self reliance to any who wish to learn. The Heron is coming to you clearly now because you're learning to free yourself as you speak your truth. You're also practicing excellent spiritual hygiene to be calling your angels everyday to help.

Your soul's orientation here is through the alchemical fires and of ancient Goddess' mystery schools. Your transcendence is through joyful integration of mind, body and spirit, supported by your hummingbird totem, who only consumes the highest vibrational foods.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Mayan Jaguar Shaman


Mayan Jaguar spirit guide aligns with shamanic leadership, Knowing yourself well is necessary

Cats represent leadership and strong individualism. A Jaguar totem is a powerful manifestation of leadership, usually in the shamanic realms. Indeed, a leader must have a clear reflection of themselves to be able to have the right distinctions to lead well.

You are including the Mayan path of awakening and their elemental symbols for the sacred directions. You are integrating the elements in your awareness as your Mayan studies bring a magician's access to timelessness and an overlay of Atlantean studies.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Pure Power


White Horse spirit guide brings powerful, capable forward movement, Celtic ancestral lineage

Horse totems support your ability to set your own direction and move forward powerfully and quickly. Here, the white horse shows your pure intention and divine alignment. The midnight blue of the background indicates you're emerging from a deep inner journey.

The Celtic trinity symbol indicates an ancestral lineage teaching of the triplicity of reality, such as: body, mind and spirit or maiden, mother and crone. The center-top dolphin totem indicates a soul tribe alignment with a joy-filled life and the two-ended spiral is an activating glyph supporting alignment with sacred partnership.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.




Butterfly spirit guide brings transformation, Bear spirit guide teaches meditation, Rainbow Totem


Transformation and change are to be expected with a butterfly so prominent. You may be feeling the urge to start something new or completely reorganize what you have now. At the least, you know you have to lighten things up and move things onto their next stage. You're grounded by your meditation practice, as shown by the Bear Totem.

The Salmon in his mouth represents both abundance and an instinctive drive to 'go against the flow', a good sign for an entrepreneur or a 'crazy new idea'. The rainbow above the bear and reaching to the flower of life symbol is an illustration of the multi-dimensional blessings you are giving yourself with your meditation practice.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Time-Traveler Renewal


Raven spirit guide shows your multi-dimensional journey, Sparrow spirit guide keys you to the physical

This very unique intuitive art reading shows three birds as three levels of consciousness in self awareness of each other, all within a time-traveling agreement of vision within vision. The sparrow was in 3-D, tapping at your window with the Eagle's message from the rainbow bridge, telling of an agreement with the Ravens from long ago and known to all in your tribe. The message is, "Activation: GO, on all timelines. NOW".


The whale arises from the ocean with the stories of your ancestors, ready to be heard, as the sun arises on the horizon of future communities, fields seeding now.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Unicorn Wisdom


Unicorn spirit guide bring courage and kindness, Cobra Snake spirit guide supports transmutation


To have such a prominent Unicorn guide shows that you are aligned with their open-heartedness and rare courage. Here, your Unicorn has his horn in a waterfall, purifying the river and all the water downstream. He steps forward in full knowledge and without fear of the 'snake in the grass'. You have a rare ability to purify your environment and avoid the traps set by others.

Your strengths are healing the waters, personal courage, pureness of heart and knowledge about starseed portals.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Safe Home


Fox spirit animal is alert to keep his home safe, Whale spirit guide shows how to heal your lineage

Foxes are first and foremost motivated to protect their family. All of their craftiness is to keep their loved ones safe. With a prominent fox totem, you are in action to assure your home is secure and you're smart and adaptable to make sure that happens. The whale brings messages from your ancestors of resolution to all family karma with help from the butterfly's step-by-step alchemy of transformation.

Your eagle offers the higher view perspective, helping you to see how all of these aspects are working together to create the stability you desire.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


River Song


Eagle Spirit Guide asks you to give your life an overview, River spirit hears your song with celebration


The Eagle comes for you with a higher view and an overview of your life. He urges you to make a plan and pick a direction. He is farsighted and glad for the chance to remind you of future planning. The flowing river is the calm center of your spirit that also reaches for the refreshment at the waterfall. In this scenario, you are singing with the river and the sounds of harmony bless the water all the way to the ocean.

Your blessings and strengths come from using your voice and singing with nature. It is a natural outpouring for others to join in and all to benefit.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Ancient Horses


Petroglyph Horse spirit guide shows your Celtic ancestry and empowerment, Triple Goddess


Horses are about personal power and getting where you need to go. This horse totem and the hill drawn behind it are reminiscent of the ancient chalk horse of Silbury Hill in England. Indeed, all of the symbols in this intuitive art drawing indicate that your empowerment is through understanding your shamanic connections to the earth and to your Celtic heritage.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Dreamtime Storyteller


Owl spirit guide shares great wisdom from many realms, Whale spirit guides lead ancestral healing


To have an owl as a prominent guide, you are a keeper of ancient wisdom, have an innate understanding of time-travel and have long had a multi-dimensional awareness. Here, you are flying and living at the front arch of a spiral portal.


With the balanced geometry of the nautilus behind you, you have access to the ancient stories of the whales and of your DNA lineage. You are a wise and transformative guide to others and may be called upon to ease people through transitions or tangled situations.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Dolphin Treasure


Dolphin spirit guide protects your treasure, Octopus spirit guide brings unique abilities, Deep journey

At this moment, you are living a safe life on your ship (small on the horizon) with the transformational energy of a Butterfly totem directly above you. The breaching whale arches towards the light as he brings ancestral stories into your present day consciousness for clearing and completion. Dolphins hold the possibility of a joyful, playful life filled with inspiration and depth of breathing. This one guards a priceless treasure of wisdom from your subconscious, helping you integrate a piece at a time.

The octopus lends you a very unusual perspective, a rare intelligence and an astounding ability to camouflage, escape or fit into any situation.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Transmutation to Peace


Cobra spirit guide brings transmutational healing to your lineage, Spider spirit reminds you to write

A cobra totem comes to you strongly now, as you are ready to see your limitations and take advantage of what is within your reach. You have grown into this balance by shedding the skins of the past and being willing to creatively transmute to the highest good. Your activation is transforming your DNA and enlivening a Dove Totem of peace within your lineage.

The insights during this process pair with a Spider guide, to open up your literary leanings. You will always be glad for the insights you write down during this transformational period, as they will be like eggs to hatch for future generations.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Love Busting Through


Whale spirit guide brings ancestral healing, Angelic assistance, Butterfly guides transformation

The Whale is working with your angels to heal your ancestral stories. You are in a profound fire of transformation where your heart may feel like it is cracked open. At some level you have asked for this opening although it is likely to feel uncomfortable, as you must 'risk' opening your heart and mind to the authentic stories of your lineage.

The whale and angels are supporting your experience of self acceptance and self compassion, showing each step will free you that much more into a higher realm.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Ancestor's Wisdom


Snowy Owl spirit guide brings great wisdom, Buffalo spirit of abundance, Time-Travel lessons

An Owl is a master teacher that has come into your life to broaden your concepts of time and space. The whiteness of this owl indicates your pure intention and has called in your ancestors to help you learn to 'see between the veils’. The spiral indicates your infinite time-line journey of lessons learned, and those yet to be experienced.

The infinity-shaped symbol is sacred geometry activating your choices toward continual renewal and regeneration. You are supported by a herd of buffalo (bottom right), representing abundance, material well being and the generosity of the Creator.

This is a sample of a Spirit Animal Soul Reading by Susan Tower, intuitive artist.


Animal Totem Art Reading

a 45 minute Zoom or phone session


Align Youself with Your Greatest Strengths!

You receive a personal, empowering message from ONE being in Nature, and a 9"x12" intuitive art drawing.

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