Susan Tower, Visionary Artist

About the Artist


Susan Tower grew up riding horses in the forests of Michigan. She is an adventurer into the heart of nature and has traveled to many sacred sites around the world. She has always had a special gift with animals and feels most at home hiking in the wilderness.


She is an experienced intuitive, who uses her skills of clairvoyance to assist hundreds of clients. She has learned to maintain a heart-centered ‘sacred neutral’ perspective, and is a compassionate teacher and reader.


Her skills are deeply aligned with nature and animals and she has a finely tuned empathic ability to describe the energy dynamics of your relationships or career path. As a medium, she can connect with lost love ones and assist in healing grief and ancestral dynamics.


Susan is the creator of My Intuitive Nature, a series of classes to assist you to have a deeper relationship with yourself through nature. She is also an intuitive artist especially known for her Animal Spirit Soul Readings, which she has done since 1990.


Susan has a degree in illustration from 'Kendall School of Design' in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She worked as an artist and designer at Hallmark Cards, Inc. in Kansas City for almost ten years. She began to create intuitive art and doing intuitive readings in 1990, and has since done over a thousand readings.

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