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Susan Tower paints on site at Machu Piccu, Peru

About Susan Tower
Visionary Artist

Susan Tower paints plein air at Machu Picchu, Peru

About the Artist, Susan Tower

A gifted intuitive, Susan Tower is well-known for Spirit Animal Soul Readings and her Sacred Site paintings.


Now living near the plains of Kansas, she grew up riding horses through the forests of Michigan and has always had a special gift with animals and communicating with Nature.

While working at Hallmark as an artist in the 1990's, Susan began to combine her skills of clairvoyance and illustration with her love of animals and nature to assist hundreds of people to know their animal spirit guides and hear their personal message from Nature. As her popularity grew for her intuitive art with animal spirit guides, she traveled around the Midwest for years, offering her intuitive art and intuitive readings at countless events. This allowed her the experience and feedback to really learn to her strengths as an intuitive reader. 

She discovered that beyond what she already knew (that she's aligned with animals and Nature), she is very accurate in describing the energy dynamics of relationships and potential career paths or job offers. She can often connect with lost love ones and assist in healing stuck ancestral patterns. She also has been able to help many pet owners resolve pet behavior issues through her animal communication and ability to 'mind-speak' with the animals. 

Susan is an adventurer at heart and has been fascinated by ancient sites around the world for over two decades. She has traveled to many sacred sites and has painted the locations en plein air (on-site) whenever possible. She has studied the topic extensively and plans to publish 78 of her paintings next year in, "The Oracle of Gaia," an oracle deck of sacred sties around the world. Samples of her paintings are available on her website. 


Susan Tower, early 2020, in an Oregon forest



Susan Tower, in 2009 at the Carnac Standing Stone Rows in France


Susan Tower in 2016, receiving a camel's traveler's blessing


Susan Tower in 2016 with Tom the Turkey


Susan Tower on a Washington State coastal ride

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