About Susan Tower
Visionary Artist

Susan Tower paints plein air at Machu Picchu, Peru

About the Artist, Susan Tower

A gifted intuitive, Susan Tower is well-known for her Sacred Site paintings and her Spirit Animal Soul Readings.


As an experienced psychic, she has used her skills of clairvoyance and illustration to assist hundreds of clients. Her skills are deeply aligned with nature and animals and she has a finely tuned ability to describe the energy dynamics of your relationships or career path. As a medium, she can connect with lost love ones and assist in healing grief and ancestral patterns.

Susan has a degree in illustration and worked as an artist at Hallmark Cards, Inc. for nine years. She is an adventurer at heart and has traveled to many sacred sites around the world where she has painted the ancient sites en plein air (on-site). Now living near the wilderness of Oregon, she grew up riding horses through the forests of Michigan and has always had a special gift with animals and communicating with Nature.

Susan Tower, early 2020, in an Oregon forest


Susan Tower, in 2009 at the Carnac Standing Stone Rows in France


Susan Tower in 2016, receiving a camel's traveler's blessing


Susan Tower in 2016 with Tom the Turkey


Susan Tower on a Washington State coastal ride