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Susan Tower paints on site at Machu Piccu, Peru

About Susan Tower,
Visionary Artist

Susan Tower paints plein air at Machu Picchu, Peru

About the Artist, Susan Tower

Visionary Artist. Intuitive. Mystical Teacher. Sacred Site Explorer.

Susan Tower grew up riding horses through the forests of Michigan and has always had a special gift with animals and communicating with Nature. When she completed her degree in illustration and design, Hallmark Cards, Inc. hired her to be a designer and moved her to Kansas City in 1985. 

In the late 80's she went with a group of Lakota friends to assist the Hopi and Navajo. In gratitude for the help, a Hopi Shaman took them to a pictograph far out in the desert and told its story. The core of the mythology felt so true to Susan that she began a search into history to see if she could find proof of it... She finally did, years later, but not before becoming hooked on the topic of ancient history and contemplating into the unexplainable technology that built the megalithic sites. She has since traveled to sacred sites all over the world and has painted en plein air (on-site) whenever possible. She is compiling an oracle deck on her paintings and studies called, "The Oracle of Gaia". Some of her paintings can be purchased as art prints on this page.

Susan has been working as an intuitive since 1990 when she started drawing people's animal spirit guides. She quickly became well known for this skill set and has done countless hundreds of 'Spirit Animal Soul Readings' over the years. The experience of so many sessions evolved into her being a popular reader for intuitive readings in general and currently is the Thursday psychic at the well known metaphysical store: "Aquarius" in midtown Kansas City, MO. You can book an intuitive reading here.


Her experiences of learning how to discern and expand her own psychic insights has lead her to be an excellent teacher of the topic. She is offering a new series live, online intuition classes.


Susan Tower, early 2020, in an Oregon forest



Susan at the Carnac Standing Stone Rows in France


Susan receiving a camel's traveler's blessing


A Washington State coastal ride

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