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Could You Use an Encouraging Word or Another Perspective on a Tricky Issue?

Schedule a Live Psychic Reading with Susan Tower!

Get the Most of Your Psychic Reading!

• Choose your questions in advance. You can always ask for a general reading, but you'll get more details with a specific question.

You're welcome to record the session!

"Susan, I love the reading you gave me. I've had lots of readings but no one has been as accurate or gone into such depth as you do. Your readings always give me a whole picture and I really appreciate that. I always feel so much calmer going forward after my time with you."

Kim J.

Kansas City, MO

"I spent a very awesome hour with Susan Tower last Saturday. The messages she got from Spirit for me restored peace to my soul. Seriously! Words can't describe what she does! It was amazing how many issues she brought up that were on my mind, some of which I had been talking to my best friend about the night before!" 

Pam B.,

Kansas City, MO

“I have always found Susan gives practical, solid advice in her readings, in a sensitive and compassionate manner.”

Arielle T.

Kansas City, MO


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