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Sessions with Susan Tower

Could You Use Another Perspective on an Important Question?


Psychic Readings

choose your time - on Zoom or phone

You'll receive an in-depth intuitive message for your questions. Susan is very skilled at describing the energies around relationships and career situations.

Discover Your Animal Spirit Guides in this Transformational Experience


Spirit Animal Soul Reading

a 90 minute live session

(Zoom or phone)

Take a journey into the  ,mm realms of Nature! You'll receive a personal message from several of your Animal Spirit Guides and a beautiful, 9"x12", intuitive art drawing of your empowering symbols from Nature.

Susan has a unique ability to 'mind-speak' with the animals and to create beautiful, personally symbolic intuitive art reflecting your empowering guides and messages from Nature.

Susan has a unique ability to 'mind-speak' with the animals and has worked as an intuitive artist for over 30 years. She has done hundreds of these animal wisdom intuitive art readings; each one is as unique as the person they were created for.



Intuitive Reading

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