for Intuitive Readings by Susan Tower

"Thank you for the amazing reading, Susan. The experience was insightful, empowering, and healing. After I received the artwork in the mail, I felt even more healing and activation. Whenever I look at the drawing, which is framed and hanging in front of my bed, I am reminded of the truth of who I am and what I'm doing on this planet. Plus, I love having a piece of original, deeply personal artwork in my home!

Christine Schubert, Durango, CO


"Susan was able to reach into my psyche and capture a perfect visual representation of what I've know my sacred purpose is to be. To actually see it on paper, what I have known in my heart and souls to be true, makes me feel giddy with joy and delight. It's a visceral confirmation of what I know is true. I feel empowered and validated by it's perfect alignment with my vision, purpose and life path."

Cheryl Forrester, Kansas City, MO

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