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for Intuitive Readings by Susan Tower

"Susan Tower's artwork graces several rooms in my home. Everytime I look at one, a feeling of peace and joy comes over me. It's almost like they clear the energy in the space they occupy."

Jeanette Schoenlaub-Jackson, Kansas City, MO

"Thank you for the amazing reading, Susan. The experience was insightful, empowering, and healing. After I received the artwork in the mail, I felt even more healing and activation. Whenever I look at the drawing, which is framed and hanging in front of my bed, I am reminded of the truth of who I am and what I'm doing on this planet. Plus, I love having a piece of original, deeply personal artwork in my home!"

Christine Schubert, Durango, CO


"Susan was able to reach into my psyche and capture a perfect visual representation of what I've know my sacred purpose is to be. To actually see it on paper, what I have known in my heart and souls to be true, makes me feel giddy with joy and delight. It's a visceral confirmation of what I know is true. I feel empowered and validated by it's perfect alignment with my vision, purpose and life path."

Cheryl Forrester, Kansas City, MO

"In Susan's creative, intuitive art readings, she tenderly honors how we can get stuck in ideas that have collected the weight of fear or worry. Her great joy is to gently assist in opening your mind and heart to new possibilities.
"She has vision, like a view from a mountain top, that she shares in such an inspired manner that you cannot help but to be sewpt up in fresh joy. laughter, hope and renewed enthusiasm! As a visionary artist, she nurtures the greatness that is the essence of your being, and helps remind you to welcome this unfolding blossom within."

Karen Klinger, Architect, Lawrence, KS

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