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Spirit Animal Soul Readings with short descriptions

Peaceful Independence

Great Blue Heron spirit animal shows your independence, Woodpecker guide and Spider guide


Your great blue heron spirit guide comes to you to celebrate your independence. You have been dedicated to raising your vibration and loving yourself into wholeness as a sovereign being. You've achieved a harmonious pattern for your life as indicated by the flower of life symbol.

Your woodpecker totem is feeding her family, and for you, it represents a safe home from which your fledglings are mastering their life lessons and flying free. The spider's guidance urges you to write and create. Your words have far reach and are calling to be written.

And, last but not least: your purple raindrops. These are blessings you bring to yourself daily, as a beautiful habit you have developed to remember gratitude and magic and wonder.

This brief description touches on the wisdom associated with several species. To discover your full message from nature, book a ‘Spirit Animal Soul Reading’. Yours will be as unique as these samples.

all image and text © 2021 Susan Tower, visionary artist

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