Are you drawn to certain locations like Machu Picchu? There may be something to it.

Each site has its own frequency and alignments. Many ancient sites like Machu Picchu, Peru are built on locations that are connected to powerful earth energy streams. You can access those blessings through the sacred site art of Susan Tower, with the unique activations infused into each image.

An equinox marker, the Inkans named it, "Intihuatana", which means, "hitching post of the sun". Each spring and fall equinox, the sun seems to stop above this pillar without a shadow, and becomes ‘tied’ to the rock.


This sacred site painting brings an activation from the center point of the equinox – a sacred moment – where time and light and seasons seem to be at pause yet are also cycling forward with next season’s potential. It encourages you to be in the now moment and find your own neutral space, no matter what is swirling around.

A sacred site art poster of a painting by Susan Tower, it emanates a resonance of alignment to enhance your living space. Printed with a museum-quality process on thick paper, your 12”x16” art print will have a rich, matte finish and enliven any room.

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Please note: Sacred Site paintings art posters are made-to-order in the USA and shipped unframed, in a tube from the manufacturer. They are usually printed and in the mail within a few business days of purchase. However, because of Covid, they are sometimes slower than this. Please give 2-3 weeks to receive your art poster.


Poster - Intihuatana, Machu Picchu art print 12x16

SKU: SS-MP-Inti-poster-12x16
  • Care Instructions

    As with any art, do not hang it in an area where it is often exposed to direct sunlight.

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