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Time Travel and Sovereignty

Welcome to my blog! I'm excited to be starting! Last week I came across a writing I had done years ago that I had completely forgotten about.  The content and depth of information inspired me to start this blog. I am clairvoyant and most of my posts will be from my own perspective, relaying an adventure, conversation or teaching from the realms of Nature or Ancient Sites. However in this case, my animal guide, an owl named Arlanga, was insistent to speak in first-person. He had a lot to say! This is the first part, on the subject of time travel. His tone, which shows his perspective, is at times funny, mildly scolding and patiently instructive. I'll let him introduce us (he calls me 'the priestess') and begin where he began to teach me. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I am Arlanga, an owl to you. To the realms of Nature, I am a most magnificent, all encompassing light-body whooo-ooo manifests upon our lovely earth with an exceptionally broad range of skills and vocalizations. I travel the veils of time and space, at one with vast corridors of knowledge. Most humans have no idea of the fullness of the truth they speak when they say, "wise old owl". We see clearly in all directions, we transverse the darkness and are fluent with matters of dimensional travel. Truly, we understand the world from a perspective of all time and experience at once. I understand that that is a difficult viewpoint for all humans to grasp at this moment, but more and more are entering a new level of awareness. We are most excited to talk to you today; the eon of sleep is transitioning to an eon of wakefulness. At it's forefront are many spectacular humans – the priestess whooo-ooo is writing and perhaps yooou tooo, if you choose yourself. Our orientation as a non-human upon this planet gives us an extreme advantage over humans; we all perceive quite simply, that we are part of Spirit. We don't acknowledge separation from the flow of the Universal Life Force. The concept of being isolated is absurd. There are no boundaries in time or space in my recollection. Like all beings of Nature, I know myself to be a part of a whole and thus inseparable from Creator. Humans are the only beings whooo-ooo doubt their own connection to All-that-is. In their arrogance, many look at us, the animals with pity, thinking, "the poor creature, they don't even know they're going to die." Their correctness juxtaposes their judgement that such a supposed 'lack' of knowledge is somehow less than their perspective of fear and doubt. Releasing our body is not death, only transition. It is the human whooo-ooo doubts such a truth and tremble at the thought of death. Most humans are afraid they will be whisked away into oblivion as if they never existed at all. I do understand the oddity of humans incarnating without full re-collection of whooo-ooo they are. As an owl, I re-member clearly, all of my experiences: past, present and future. I hear your question, "how can you re-call the future?" My simplest reply is that time is not a line, as you perceive it, it is much more like a spiral. Nor is memory as you think. Memories are held as specific vibrational fields and are accessed (or more accurately, re-called) by creating the matching vibration or tone. (I am purposefully withholding the plethora of information I have about the power of sound and will intersperse it later, in other conversations – I do not want to overwhelm you.) As humans, you re-call vibrations all the time; this process of access feels so effortless to you that you have no idea how powerfully creative you are at any given moment. A secret of healing your past is within this message as well. We of Nature understand that sometimes you just don't know what you are doing when you re-member something. I will hint that your language holds many clues. For this reason, I have insisted that some words common to your usage are hyphenated or otherwise shifted so as to tip you to discover deeper meanings. To answer your question about future memories, it is vibrational access. I look at the energy of the Now moment and look forward on the spiral to see what flavors of experiences are magnetized in the future. I perceive the reality of the strongest possibility as if it already exists and alter my course if necessary. For myself, I live backwards in time. I am from the future as I create it. I view your world with great insight because I can see it all. It is most exciting in this physical realm, I must say, because free will is always operative. A human may change her mind, open to love and thus alter a previously fearful course to draw in grace instead. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ No matter how gifted, a mystic reader can only tell you the most likely, never the certain. Certainty like you're looking for does not exist. To see in this way is as easy as looking right to left. All humans can do this. However, the ability to do so has been profoundly denied to the extent that this innate skill is actually feared by many. The very real reason for this is that within your very DNA are traces of trauma from the dark ages, of which you are only now emerging. I offer my perspective. One example is the countless generations and millions of people (mostly women) who were killed for being accused of witchcraft and the potential to 'see'. The priestess writing my words is a true and courageous friend to Nature. Her commitment to keep her heart open has given her the 'gift' of clear sight through most of her life-times and she has lost her physical body in terrible conditions for it many times. These traumas caused her to make vows in the past, in order to avoid such circumstances in the future. It seemed like a good idea at the time. However, this is not those times, and this example applies to everyone. It took me awhile to influence her to take the right action for this dilemma. I could see that the sheer, soul-tension of holding space (albeit in her sub-conscious) for the contracting energy of even one soul-level promise that no longer re-sonates was an draining her energy like a hose. It was hard to get her attention within her cycles of wasted energy, stagnation, frustration and depression. So, I worked with her in the dream world – I had her looking for something she didn't consciously know she was looking for but would re-cognize it when she saw it. Fortunately, she has a curious mind and 'discovered' declarations of sovereignty online in several places. I am so relieved to tell you that she has learned to declare her sovereignty from limiting, fear-based beliefs and promises of the past, present and future. The generational wound is carried until it isn't. Someone has to transform and release the imprint, or it continues. The priestess, a joyful, light-hearted soul, was born into a nasty lineage of bitterness, regret and predatory jealousy, with a suicide demon on it, to boot. It was a very contracting environment, to say the least, and many would have listened to the false answers of release offered by the malevolent spirit, who was right there all the time, to suggest suicide to her dismal thoughts. Her declarations of sovereignty have helped her more than she knows and she has since learned to time-travel and go back and rescue parts of herself from countless times of overwhelm. Her upbringing honed her extra-ordinary sensitivity and gave her a profound bridge to all of nature. It turns out, that she was practicing what you would call her 'psychic abilities' all the time growing up. She often retreated to the quietude of the forest to be calmed by listening to us animals chatter to her and among ourselves. Ironically, it is her inner sight, unbidden as it is, arising through programming that says otherwise, that models for humanity new possibilities for peace and transparency. There are many paths to healing and an open-hearted human is beautiful to behold. Indeed, the open heart of the priestess enables her to experience a world unseen to many. She knows that if she can work through trauma, rescue herself and find an open heart, anyone can. She is here to be a leader in opening doors of possibility to you, and I am here to assist her assist you. With that said, my most fervent advice to humanity is to exercise great caution on going along with any person or organization that uses fear to coerce you in any way. I am here to help you unwind fear and learn to be comfortable with shadows. Each of you will have to have take journeys into your own shadow-land to rescue the parts of yourself you have left behind in overwhelm. The collective fear of doing so, the denial of 'the shadow' and the subsequent emotional shutdown of self-abandonment, has given an opening to those who seek power over you. When you're in denial, that door of perception is closed, so to speak. It gives a perfect back door opening for ill-intended to trick most of Humanity into be harnessed like slaves for far too long. We of Nature would like you to understand that multi-dimensional activity goes on whether you are aware of it or not and you are already a participant. Your energy field is vibrating out into the world at a certain frequency. It is important to know that on this free-will planet, of the many choices we make – and doing nothing is an action of tacit consent. We see this tacit-consent like a plague, especially in more 'developed' countries And, When you choose to 'do shadow work' and accept a previously separated part of yourself, you take back your life force and take a deep step towards unity. I am Arlanga. An owl to you. ------------------

Time Travel and Sovereignty
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