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Your Intuitive Art Radiates Blessings

This Sacred Art is done with Prayers and the Intention to bring you your most Empowering Symbols from Nature. The art is meant to live on in your life, much like a personal tarot card – shining out with your symbols of empowerment and reminding you of your alignment to your True Self.

See Yourself through Nature's Eyes!

The animals and beings in Nature see your true heart. Going towards Nature and your relation to Her is a route to deeper honesty and authenticity. It is a Real place where outer appearance, wealth or politics do not matter.


In Nature, you are seen as you truly are. The energies around you tell a story of the flavor of your alignments, where you have been and the likely places you'll go if you continue choosing what you're currently focused on.


Your Spirit Animal Soul Reading intuitive art will reflect back to you, your pure essence as Nature sees you. It will have the flavor of your soul's potential and several empowering symbols from your spiritual lineage.

Find Your Animal Spirit Guides!
Knowing Your Animal Spirit Guides Can Give You:

• A Deeper Knowledge of Yourself

• Insight into your Strengths and How to Optimize them in Balanced, Sustainable Ways

• Wisdom about your Weaknesses and How to Best to Conserve your Energy and Respond to Stress

• An Alignment with your Life Purpose

• An Understanding of your Path to Natural Abundance

• A Sense of Personal Empowerment and Alignment with your Life's Vision

Each species has its own blessings.


All of them have their own Super Powers, which are flavored by their unique adaptations, strengths and weaknesses.

If you know who your Animal Guides are, you can understand more easily how to make the most of your Super Powers.

Learning About Your Animal Spirit Guides Can Help You Find Out.


Susan Tower is a well-established intuitive reader with a special gift for Animals and Nature.


Her intuitive art readings are to illustrate your animal spirit guides and communicate their empowering messages to you.

Susan can help you understand your pets!


Susan has always had a special gift with animals, and now, as an Animal Communicator, she can help you know what your pet is saying!

Does Your Pet Have Something to Tell You?

If You Have Questions, Take the Opportunity to Schedule a Complementary 45 Minute Consultation with Susan Tower! 

Intuitive Readings and Animal Communication with Susan Tower

Could You Use a Different Perspective on a Challenging Issue?

Susan Tower is well known for her insightful intuitive readings.

Do You Have a Question about Your Career or Relationship?

Susan Tower is known for her calming energy and her intuitive clarity in describing the potentials around your questions.

If you have a choice to make about your career, Susan can describe the different flavors of each outcome and give you valuable feedback on your unique situation.

If you have a question regarding relationships, she can describe the emotional trajectories of the people involved and can tell if someone is lying or hiding something. 


"Thank you so much Susan,  for your insightful psychic reading. It helped me feel SO much calmer about my situation, and have more understanding about the people involved. Now I can bring compassion to a difficult situation, and I feel much better."
Chris Andrews, Boulder, CO


Commission an Oil Painting of your Empowering Symbols from Nature!

Susan can take your pastel drawing and create a stunning oil painting from it. Just ask!

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