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Which Ancient Sites are You Aligned With? Which Ones Stand Out to You?


Each Location has it's Own Blessings. You Can Access them through the Sacred Site Paintings of Susan Tower.

The blessings and unique alignments of the sites are embedded in the paintings, most done on location.


The Oracle of Gaia is an oracle deck of sacred sites around the world, written and illustrated by Susan Tower.


Featuring  sacred site paintings from around the world by Susan Tower, shown are card samples from her "The Oracle of Gaia" deck.


Susan's office assistant, Star


Susan Tower paints plein air at Machu Picchu, Peru, embedding the sacred energies into her paintings.

Sacred Site artist Susan Tower Painting

Susan Tower paints at Machu Pichu, Peru.

Look for the 'window of light' of energies coming through at the top left of the photo.


Susan Tower at an ancient cairn and stone circle in northern Scotland: Clava Cairns


Susan Tower at the standing stone rows of Carnac, France

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