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Susan Tower
Visionary Artist

Susan Tower is a Gifted Intuitive Artist, a Sacred Site Adventurer and the Author & Illustrator of "The Oracle of Gaia"

Susan Tower, Sacred Site Artist presents: 'The Oracle of Gaia"
a Collection of Oil Paintings and Intuitive Insights from
Ancient Sites around the World



Join the Adventure into the Ancient Future!

a Journey for Cosmic Travelers, Earth Keepers & Empaths

"Enjoy my Sacred Site paintings from around the world! I have over 60! I'll be unveiling them as we go.
My Machu Picchu, Peru paintings are featured – available now as art prints on paper and stretched canvas."
Susan Tower, Visionary Artist

Sacred Site paintings by Susan Tower.
Art prints of her plein air Machu Picchu, Peru paintings are featured

Are you curious about your Super Powers?
Knowing who your Animal Spirit Guides are can help you know yourself better.
Susan Tower is a well established intuitive reader with a special gift to hear the Voices from Nature. She offers intuitive art readings to bring you empowering messages from your animal guides.

An Animal Totem Art Reading offers you an encouraging and focused message from ONE being in Nature about your inner strengths.

"It is always so life-affirming to have an intuitive session with Susan Tower. Something about her is always calming. I love to hear the wise words that she and the animals and nature spirits have to say to me."
Alana Rose, Kansas City

A Spirit Animal Soul Reading gives you an in-depth message from MANY beings in Nature about your empowerment and natural abilities.

"I had a wonderful intuitive art reading with Susan Tower. I felt so clear and calm afterwards. I enjoy having my Spirit Animal art displayed in my home office because it reminds me of who I am. It's like a personal tarot card of my strengths."
Michelle Smith, Lenexa, KS

An Intuitive Reading with Susan Tower can be very insightful to help you understand the dynamics of your relationships, your career opportunities and well-being. She also has a gift with animals, and is an excellent Animal Communicator.

"Thank you so much for your insightful reading. It helps me so much to understand the different viewpoints of the people involved in my current situation. It makes so much sense. Now I know the steps I can take to help bring a compassionate resolution to a difficult standoff."
Chris Andrews, Boulder, CO
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