Susan Tower
Visionary Artist

Intuitive Artist, Gifted Teacher

and Sacred Site Explorer

Featuring Sacred Site Paintings from around the World

Sacred Site Paintings by Susan Tower

Art Prints of Many Ancient Site Paintings by Susan Tower are Now Available!

Does Your Pet Have Something to Tell You?

Susan can help you understand your pets! She is an excellent Animal Communicator! Her special gift with animals allows her to 'Mindspeak' with them. She can tell you what your pet wants you to know!


Intuitive Art • Animal Spirit Guide Readings by Susan Tower

Are You Curious about Your Connection to Nature? Would You Like to Know Your Super Powers?
Learning About Your Animal Spirit Guides Can Help You Find Out.

Susan Tower is a well-established psychic reader with a special gift for Animals and Nature.


Her intuitive art readings are to illustrate your animal spirit guides and communicate their empowering messages to you.

An Animal Totem Art Reading

offers you an encouraging and focused message from ONE being in Nature.

A Spirit Animal Soul Reading

gives you an in-depth message from MANY beings in Nature, much like a personal tarot card.


Psychic Readings and Animal Communication by Susan Tower

Could You Use a Different Perspective on a Challenging Issue?

Susan Tower is well known for her insightful and empowering intuitive readings.

Do You Have a Question about Your Career or Relationship?

Susan is a well-established psychic. She is known for her clarity in describing the energies around your query as well as her gentle and empowering wisdom to assist your circumstances.


"Thank you so much Susan,  for your insightful psychic reading. It helped me feel SO much calmer about my situation, and have more understanding about the people involved. Now I can bring compassion to a difficult situation, and I feel much better."
Chris Andrews, Boulder, CO