Are you drawn to certain locations like Machu Picchu? There may be something to it.

Each site has its own frequency and alignments. Many ancient sites like Machu Picchu, Peru are built on locations that are connected to powerful earth energy streams. You can access those blessings through the sacred site paintings of Susan Tower and the unique activations infused into each image.

Standing in this position at Machu Picchu you’re in the amphitheater and you can hear the most casual whispers from across the exquisitely constructed audio-enhanced cavern. At the top of the stepped terraces is the famed equinox-marker, “Intihuatana”, the central stone of alignment to equal balance, harmony and centeredness.

This sacred site painting emits the energy of speaking wisely, as your words are heard by many. Make them count, as your spoken word is part of a manifestation portal to create your reality.

A sacred site painting by Susan Tower, emanates a resonance of alignment that enhances your living space. This beautiful canvas art print of a Machu Picchu painting is 12"x16"and printed with vivid, fade-resistant inks. After it’s printed, it is hand-stretched onto solid wood stretcher bars and finished with a matte coating. Sold Unframed.

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Please Note: These 12"x16" canvas art prints are made-to-order in the USA and shipped from the manufacturer. They are usually printed and in the mail within a few business days of purchase. However, there may be delays because of Covid, so please give 2-3 weeks to receive your sacred site painting canvas art print.

Speak Wisely, Machu Picchu painting canvas print 12x16

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  • Display your sacred site art print out of direct sunlight to preserve the printed colors and prevent fading over time.

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