What animals are you drawn to?

Each species holds certain archetypes of skills, strengths and weaknesses. Susan Tower has a unique ability to see your animal spirit guides, draw them and convey their messages to you.

She offers her skills to illustrate your many animal guides in an intuitive art session called a "Spirit Animal Soul Reading' and a shorter version focusing one animal guide, called an "Animal Totem Art Reading".


Spirit Animal Soul Readings

Discover your super powers through symbols from Nature!

a 90 minute, in-depth, intuitive art experience


Animal Totem Art Readings

Discover your core strength with a focused session on your main animal spirit guide.

a 45 minute, in-depth, intuitive art experience

Are there certain locations you are drawn to?

Each location holds certain alignments and blessings.

Susan Tower has traveled to many sacred sites around the world to paint the landscapes en plein air.


The paintings hold the blessings and alignments of the ancient locations. You can access the benefits of the sites through her paintings done on location.

Susan Tower paints en plein air at Machu Picchu, Peru

Get a free Sacred Site painting screensaver!

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