Visionary Art by Susan Tower

Intuitive Art of Animal Spirit Guides and Sacred Site Paintings

What animals are you drawn to?

Each species holds certain archetypes of skills, strengths and weaknesses. Susan Tower has a unique ability to see your animal spirit guides, draw them and convey their messages to you.

Discover your Core Strength as reflected through Nature

This is a 45 minute, in-depth, intuitive art experience with one of your animal spirit guides!


Discover your animal spirit guides!

Animal Totem art prints are now available!

To learn about the spiritual meanings of different animals:

See more samples of Spirit Animal Soul Readings and their summary meanings:

Discover your Super Powers through many symbols from Nature!

This is a 90 minute, in-depth, intuitive art experience with with several of your animal spirit guides!!


Have an oil painting version of your empowering symbols from Nature!

Susan can take your pastel drawing and create a stunning oil painting from it.


Sacred Site Paintings by Susan Tower

Susan Tower has traveled to many sacred sites around the world to paint the landscapes in plein air.

Are you drawn to certain locations?

Each location holds certain alignments and blessings.


Susan's paintings imbue the energies of the ancient locations, allowing you to access the benefits of the sites.

Sacred Site painting art prints are now available!

"Join me on a weekly journey into the heart of Nature!
Let me know if you're interested in my upcoming online class to learn intuition, animal wisdom or sacred site adventures!"
Susan Tower, Visionary Artist