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Book Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Art or Animal Communication sessions with Susan Tower

During an Intuitive Art Reading with Susan Tower, your animal spirit guides come forward to give you a personal and empowering message from Nature.

Susan has a unique ability to 'mind-speak' with the animals and to create beautiful, personally symbolic, nature totem drawings such as these. 

She has worked as an intuitive artist for over 20 years and has done hundreds of these animal wisdom intuitive readings. She will draw your animal guides and tell you their messages throughout your Zoom or phone session, holding your drawing up often for you to see its progress.


Spirit Animal Soul Reading

a 90 minute Zoom or phone session


You receive an in-depth message from MANY beings in Nature, and a personalized, 9"x12" intuitive art pastel drawing on black paper. It is much like a personal tarot card of your empowering symbols.


Animal Totem Art Reading

a 45 minute Zoom or phone session


You receive an in-depth message from ONE being in Nature, and a personalized, 9"x12" intuitive art pastel drawing on black paper. It is much like a personal, major arcana tarot card of your most empowering symbol.


Intuitive Reading

a 60 minute phone or Zoom session


Could You Use Another Perspective on an Important Question?
You've come to the right place!


You'll receive an in-depth intuitive message for your questions. Susan is very skilled at describing the energies around relationships and career situations.

A Quick Peek into the Start of a Reading


This short video of Susan Tower is edited together from the beginning of a recent Spirit Animal Soul Reading. It gives you a feeling of the process and what the experience is like.

Susan Tower is an intuitive artist, spiritual teacher, sacred site painter and explorer. She offers services of one-on-one intuitive readings, animal communication, small group sessions and online classes. 


Susan is well known for her compassionate and accurate intuitive readings and her unique ability to create beautiful, nature-inspired, personally symbolic, animal totem drawings such as Spirit Animal Soul Readings. 


Her online classes teach the basics of intuition and animal wisdom through a heartfelt connection with nature and a reverence for the ancient past.


Susan has also traveled to sacred sites around the world, painting the scenes on location to embed the sacred energies into the images. Prints of these are available.



"Susan Tower's artwork graces several rooms in my home. Every time I look at one, a feeling of peace and joy comes over me. It's almost like they clear the energy in the space they occupy."

Jeanette Schoenlaub • Kansas City, MO

• • • 
"Susan was able to reach into my psyche and capture a perfect visual representation of what I've known in my heart and soul to be true. It makes me feel giddy with joy and delight. It's a visceral confirmation of what I know is true. I feel empowered and validated by it's perfect alignment with my vision, purpose and life path."

Cheryl Forester • Therapist • Kansas City, MO

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