Are you curious about your Super Powers?

Susan Tower's transformational intuitive art sessions can help you discover them!



Susan has a unique ability to see your spirit animals, draw them and convey their messages to you.

She offers two similar intuitive art reading sessions – one broad and one singularly focused.


Spirit Animal Soul Reading
This 90 minute intuitive art session has a broad focus and includes many of your animal spirit guides and a spectrum of  messages for you.

as an oil painting

The initial session will be as a pastel drawing, like the others, and will be used as a guide for the oil painting.


Animal Totem Art Reading
This 45 minute intuitive art session focuses on ONE animal spirit guide and its message of empowerment for you.

as an oil painting

The initial session will be as a pastel drawing, like the others, and will be used as a guide for the oil painting.

Susan Tower started her career with ten years as an artist at Hallmark Cards, Inc. directly from college. She began creating Spirit Animal Soul Readings in 1990 and has done thousands of them since.


Each animal species holds its own set of archetypes.

Their patterns, behaviors and personalities are unique to their adaptations for survival. 


Knowing your animal guides can give you:

  • A deeper knowledge of yourself

  • Insight into your hidden strengths 

  • Alignment with your life purpose

  • A true path to your natural abundance


This personalized reading will inform you of your strengths and illustrate your path to stay in empowerment.


The resulting intuitive artwork is much like a personal tarot card. It is meant to live on in your life, reminding you of your alignment to your true self. 

Susan Tower draws your intuitive art drawing during the reading, pausing to explain your symbols and messages.

Discover your super powers through symbols from Nature!

with this 90 minute, in-depth, intuitive art experience!


Spirit Animal Soul Reading examples
(Yours will be as unique as these samples!  Go to this page for more info about the symbols)

Spirit Animal Soul Reading closeups
done as 12"x16" oil paintings

Yours will be as unique as these samples!  Go to this page for more info about the symbols


Discover your core strength as reflected through Nature,
in a focused session with your foremost animal spirit guide!

This is a 45 minute, in-depth, intuitive art experience with ONE of your animal guides.


Animal Totem Art Readings

Six of these animal totem drawings are also available as art print reproductions.


An intuitive art experience with Susan Tower will connect you with your animal spirit guides and will help you understand your gifts and talents.

Intuitive Art Reading – Session Details


The sessions are scheduled to be live on Zoom or can be by phone, if you prefer.

The more in depth intuitive art reading experience is the, 'Spirit Animal Soul Reading', which lasts about 90 minutes and and covers many messages from nature and your animal guides. The more focused 45 minute intuitive art session is the "Animal Totem Art Reading' where one of your animal spirit guides will be highlighted.


During the session, Susan will create your intuitive art drawing, pausing often to communicate your various messages from nature. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions. You’ll be able to see your drawing being done in stages on Zoom, or receive an email of it right afterwards.


The original art will be drawn with colored pastels on a 9”x12” black paper and will be in the mail to you within two business days. 

During the booking process, you’ll: 

  • Choose the time and date for your session on the calendar and receive a Zoom link for your intuitive session via email. (If you prefer a phone session, you will still receive a Zoom link as the system is set up that way.) 


  • Fill out a quick questionnaire, and choose whether you prefer a Zoom call or a phone call for your spirit animal intuitive art reading.

After your reading, you’ll receive a recording:

 by downloading it on Zoom, OR accessing a link to the audio recording, if you prefer a phone session.


Shipping is FREE!


Your intuitive artwork will be shipped within two working days through UPS. Susan will spray your drawing with fixative, put it in a protective sleeve and ship it in a tube, unframed. You’ll get an email to confirm it’s shipment and when to expect it. 


Your 9"x12" pastel drawing will be shipped in a tube, unframed within a few working days.


FREE Shipping!

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