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Frequently Asked Questions about Susan Tower's Products, Services and Classes:


• Sacred Site Paintings and Art Prints
• "The Oracle of Gaia", an Oracle Deck
• Animal Totem Art Prints

• Psychic Reading Sessions
• Animal Communication Sessions
• Intuitive Art Sessions: Animal Spirit Guides

• Animal Wisdom


Art Prints of Sacred Site Paintings by Susan Tower

Sacred Site Paintings art prints


What Sizes and Types are the Art Prints?

Susan's original art oil paintings are printed onto either unframed stretched canvas art prints (12"x16") or high quality art prints onto paper (8"x10" and 12"x16").


Are the Art Prints Made to Order in the USA?

Yes. All of the art prints are made to order and are usually shipped within a week to ten days of receiving your order.

How Long Do They Take to Receive?

Because of potential, unforseen shipping delays, please give 4-6 weeks to receive your art print.


We'll stay with you on the process! We're partnering with a great company to produce them


Susan Tower paints plein air at Machu Picchu, Peru


How Many Different Sacred Sites are in Susan Tower's Collection of Paintings?

Tower has 22 different sacred site paintings representing 15 different locations, all available for art prints

Which Sacred Sites are Represented in Her Current Collection?

Here are the sacred site paintings she has available as art prints. (8"x10" and 12"x16")

Cambodia: Angkor Wat Portal 

Cambodia: Angkor Wat Reflection 

: Easter Island Heads 

: Rapa Nui Guardians 

Costa Rica: Diquîs Spheres 

England: Avebury Path 
: Castlerigg Stone Circle 

England: Stonehenge Spiral 

France: Cathar Memories 

France: Chartres Cathedral 

France: Chartres Labyrinth 

: Rennes le'Chateau 

: Stone Rows of Carnac 

: Oracle of Delphi 

: Florence Duomo 
New Zealand: Moeraki Boulders 
: Ancient Passage, Machu Picchu 

: Intihuatana, Machu Pichu 

: Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu 

: Speak Wisely,  Machu Picchu 

: Temple of Three Windows, Machu Pichu 
: Temple to the Moon, Machu Picchu 

United States: Ohio Serpent Mound, Ohio 

Has Susan Tower Painted Plein Air (on-site) at all the Sacred Sites?


As much as possible! Sometimes weather prevented the best laid plans and sometimes it worked out beautifully to paint on site, as shown here at Machu Picchu, Peru.


She has been to most of the locations she has painted, but not all.



What is "The Oracle of Gaia"?

It is a 78-card oracle deck of sacred sites around the world by Susan Tower. Featuring the blessings of sacred alignment with these locations embedded into the paintings.

When Will it be Published?

The deck is planned to be publish by the fall of 2022.


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The Oracle of Gaia


"The Oracle of Gaia"

an Oracle Deck of Sacred Sites, written and illustrated by Susan Tower


Can I buy the deck in advance?

Yes! Check back soon for details! And join her list to be the first to know.

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Susan Tower Intuitive artist drawing

Susan Tower has the unique ability to 'Mindspeak' with your Spirit Animals, draw them, and tell you their messages.

• Intuitive Art Sessions: Animal Spirit Guides

• Animal Communication Sessions

• Psychic Reading Sessions


Art Prints of Animal Totem Drawings
by Susan Tower


How Many Different Animals are in her Collection of Drawings?

She currently has 6 different Animal Totem Drawings, all available as Art Prints.

Which Animals are Represented?

Wolf, Crow, Dolphin, Owl, Deer and Horse

Many more are planned! Join her Animal Wisdom list to stay in touch.

What are the Meanings of the Spirit Animal Totems?

Click this link for an illustrated list of Animal Totem Meanings by Susan Tower.

Are these Animal Totem Art Prints made by the same company as the Sacred Site Art Prints?

Yes. They are made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive them.

Discover your core strengths, as reflected through Nature!

Animal Totem Reading - Pastel Drawing
This is a 45 minute, in-depth, intuitive art experience with ONE of your animal guides.



Spirit Animal Soul Reading - Pastel Drawing
This is a 90 minute, in-depth, intuitive art experience with SEVERAL of your animal spirit guides.



Intuitive Readings with Susan Tower

Susan is a well-established psychic. She is known for her clarity in describing the energies around your question as well as her gentle and empowering wisdom to assist your circumstances.

What are Susan's Best Psychic Skills?

Susan is clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant. She  is excellent at describing the dynamics of a relationship or the qualities of a job setting. She can give you a new perspective to a challenging issue or a business venture. Most people also remark at how calming she is to talk to.

How Can I Prepare for an Excellent Intuitive Reading?

It starts with your question. The more specific your query, the more specific your answer. Also, try not to give too much information, nor talk too much during the reading. Of course you can ask questions or comment, but keep your full responses for later, as it helps the reader stay on their track of receiving your message.

Can I Have a Reading to Find Out My Animal Spirit Guides without the Intuitive Artwork?

Yes! Just schedule a regular hour long intuitive reading and tell Susan at the beginning you'd like your message from Nature.

Can I Include a Question about a Pet in a Regular Psychic Reading Session?

Yes, but if you want the best reading, include a photo. If you have a lot of questions about your pets, just schedule an animal communication session instead.


Are Readings Done in Person?

Yes, they are done live over Zoom or over the phone if you prefer.


Will My Reading Be Recorded?

Yes, but it is up to you. Most people want a copy of their Zoom video reading or at least their audio recording. A recording will be sent to you afterwards as you prefer.


Each animal species holds its own set of archetypes.

Their patterns, behaviors and personalities are unique to their adaptations for survival. 


Knowing your animal guides can give you:

  • A deeper knowledge of yourself

  • Insight into your hidden strengths 

  • Alignment with your life purpose

  • A true path to your natural abundance

Susan Tower's intuitive art sessions are meant to help you understand your gifts and talents through symbols from Nature.


The resulting intuitive artwork is much like a personal tarot card.


It is intended to live on in your life, reminding you of your alignment to your true self.

Susan is well-known for her insightful and empowering readings.

Do You Have a Question about Your Career or Relationship?

• Psychic Reading Sessions
• Animal Communication Sessions
• Intuitive Art Sessions: Animal Spirit Guides

• Animal Wisdom

Could You Use a Different Perspective on a Challenging Issue?

"Thank you so much for your insightful intuitive reading! You helped me feel SO much calmer about my situation!


"Now, I have more understanding about the people involved... and after a few days (lol), I was able to bring some compassion to a difficult situation, and I feel even better.


"My heart feel lighter. It's like your reading was a healing somehow, too."

Erica Scerimon, Kansas City, MO

Spirit Animal Soul Reading - Oil Painting
This is a 90 minute, in-depth, intuitive art experience with several of your animal spirit guides. (The pastel drawing from this session will be used as a guide for the oil painting.)


Psychic Readings and Animal Communication Sessions with Susan Tower

Intuitive Art Reading – Session Details


Your session will be live on Zoom or by phone, as you prefer.

Choose either the "Animal Totem Art Reading" (45 min) with ONE of your animal spirit guides or the more in depth experience of an "Spirit Animal Soul Reading", (90 min) with many messages from nature and your animal guides.


Susan will create your intuitive art drawing during your session, pausing often to communicate your various messages from nature. If you're on Zoom, you'll be able to see your drawing being created! Either way, she can send you a picture of it right afterwards. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions.


The original art will be drawn with colored pastels on a 9”x12” black paper and will be in the mail to you within two business days. 

During the booking process, you’ll: 

  • Choose the time / date for your session. You'll receive a Zoom link for it automatically, via email. (If you choose a phone call, just let me know in the questionnaire and ignore the Zoom link.)

  • Fill out a quick questionnaire, and choose whether you prefer a Zoom call or a phone call for your intuitive art reading.

After your reading, you’ll receive a recording:

 by downloading it on Zoom yourself during the session, downloading it later via Google Drive, OR accessing a link to the audio recording, if you prefer a phone session.


Shipping is FREE!


Your intuitive artwork will be shipped within two working days through UPS. Susan will spray your drawing with fixative, put it in a protective sleeve and ship it in a tube, unframed. You’ll get an email to confirm it’s shipment and when to expect it. 


pp1  17p

Susan Tower intuitive visionary artist

Susan Tower started her career with ten years as an artist at Hallmark Cards, Inc. directly from college. She began creating Spirit Animal Soul Readings in 1990 and has done hundreds of them since.

Are you curious about your Super Powers?

Susan Tower's transformational intuitive art sessions can help you discover them!

Do I need to send in a photograph of my pet?

It helps a lot! So, Yes! if you're able, please send in a picture of your pet. However, Susan can still give an Animal Communication session without one.

Animal Communication Sessions

Psychic Reading Sessions

• Psychic Reading Sessions
• Animal Communication Sessions
• Intuitive Art Sessions: Animal Spirit Guides

• Animal Wisdom

Does Your Pet Have Something to Tell You?

Susan can help you understand your pets! She is an excellent Animal Communicator! Her special gift with animals allows her to 'Mindspeak' with them. She can tell you what your pet wants you to know!

Intuitive Art • Animal Spirit Guide Readings by Susan Tower

Are You Curious about Your Connection to Nature? Would You Like to Know Your Super Powers?
Learning About Your Animal Spirit Guides Can Help You Find Out.


Susan Tower is a well-established psychic reader with a special gift for Animals and Nature.


Her intuitive art readings are to illustrate your animal spirit guides and communicate their empowering messages to you.

An Animal Totem Art Reading

offers you an encouraging and focused message from ONE being in Nature.

A Spirit Animal Soul Reading

gives you an in-depth message from MANY beings in Nature, much like a personal tarot card.



Animal Wisdom
Sacred Earth Path

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